“So I’m curious which little duckling you got…” I texted my friend after our MOPS meeting.

“I’m the one with one thing after another who’s just trying to survive her life!! Didn’t see that one coming, right?! :))” I joked.

“The ironic thing is,” I continued, “when the speaker said our table leader had a bag full of ducks, I didn’t even know what we were about to do and I just said, ‘I want the pink one!!’ (I love pink.)

We had just got done listening to a MOPS International video on comparisons. Afterwards, the activity was choosing one of a dozen rubber duckies from one of those cheap bulk party catalogs to represent yourself.

I didn’t have to choose the pink duck. It chose me. My group leader handed it to me as the moms at my table nodded in agreement. We all just knew.

The pink duck was the crisis duck. The can’t-get-your-life-together-no-how duck. The trying-to-keep-your-head-above-water duck.

As I reached to accept my duck, I heard a voice inside say, “Yes, Kelly, you ARE the pink duck, whether you WANT to be the pink duck or not.”

“Why can’t I just be the ‘normal’ duck, God?” I thought.

Or the athletic duck?

Or the crafty duck?

Or the my-house-is-always-picture-perfect duck?

Honestly, part of me wanted to embrace the little pink duck staring back at me. But part of me didn’t.

Each of my stories is beautiful in its own way. The pain, the agony, the trials, the unknowns, the joy, the growth, the adventure.

But there are parts of them I don’t particularly like. Some are more messy than others. A few I wish would just go away.

God has redeemed some of my stories. Others are still playing out. But all of them have shaped me into the person I am today. All have impacted me in some way as a wife, mom, friend and most importantly, a daughter of the King.

My life is filled with wonderful things, if I would just take the time to appreciate them. But too often I’m focused on me, and how I don’t measure up to all the other ducks in my life. I will never be athletic duck. Or crafty duck.

Or perfect house duck. And you know what? That’s OK.

One baby step at a time, I’m learning to embrace the little pink duck. I’m learning to embrace me.

{Editor’s Note: A MomLife Today reader, named Kelly, shared these thoughts with us! You go girl…accept who you are and be loved by the King! Pink power!}