Ok, so I know the summer fun idea list said water fight … but what would it look like if one were to go one step further and turn the water fight into a mud bath?

C’mon, ladies, at a spa people pay big bucks for mud baths! Did you not realize you could get one for free right in your yard?

It all started with some trampoline jumping, which then led to thirst, followed by some sipping from the water hose — at which point my son wondered, what would it be like to jump on a wet trampoline? That led to many minutes of hilarious fun that was interrupted by the observation that the dead grass area directly under the center of the trampoline had formed into a giant mud puddle.

The look of mischievous wonder in my 15-year-old’s eyes certainly contributed to my quick, “Sure, why not!” when he asked if they could move the trampoline and play in the mud. That was definitely big fun, which was the point in which I was eternally grateful I had previously retrieved my camera for some way fun photo ops! My “cop out” on not joining in was that I couldn’t get the camera muddy! (Mom brilliance — I know!)

This insane amount of summer fun culminated by me agreeing that using the dog shampoo to turn the trampoline into a slick, black, sudsy, clean-up area of epic proportions was indeed a stellar idea.

I gotta say … having the ability to be a mom who says, “Sure, why not, that sounds fun!” is truly a recipe for some serious memory-making summer fun!

And it sure saves money on expensive mud baths! I double dog dare you to invite your children to enjoy some similar fun! For the record, next time I plan to have me that mud bath … right alongside them!