We get lots of emails. Many of our readers ask us tough questions that a combined 300 years of parenting and seeking the biblical blueprints for marriage and family have equipped us to answer.

However, you need to know that the hearts of the moms who are a part of MomLife Today, and our constant prayer support for you (and each other) help us to answer your questions as well.

We also get emails (more than I would have imagined) that are a cry for help from moms who are feeling overwhelmed and all alone. Those are the ones that break our hearts … and drive us to our knees.

Moms, hear this, and hear it loud and clear:

1 – You are not alone.  … There is a Father in heaven who loves you. Loves, loves, loves you — let that sink in.

2 – You are not alone. … You have other moms God has placed in your life who understand. They will help you — if you ask for help.

3 – You have much value. … God made you uniquely, just the way you are, and He knew you were the perfect mom for the children He has entrusted to you. You are to be the gentle hand that daily guides and teaches thoughts, attitudes, and temperament. He is right by your side every day, shouting His love for you through your child’s giggle, through butterfly kisses, and through the aches of your mom heart.

4 – You have much value. … God knows each day with children is hard, challenging, wonderful, and overwhelming, all at the same time. He expects you to take the good with the bad and realize that if you lean on Him and learn not to require too much of yourself (or your children), you can find joy and grow through the hard MOMents.

5 – You are not alone and you have much value. … But the enemy who is a liar and a thief wants you to think that you are and you don’t. When the enemy whispers His lies, tell the enemy to go away because you choose to listen to a new voice, the voice of truth, your heavenly Father’s voice.

Can I get an amen?