Christmas is around the corner and we’ve had a few cold spells, just this week we had a little ice storm. So, as I bundled up this morning I couldn’t help but think about snow. We don’t get snow here very often, but when we do, the city shuts down. Those thoughts brought to mind a snow day from last year.

Rachel’s special needs school is quite far away, so when I saw icy snow flakes falling, I left to pick her up. When we got home I was left with the question of what to do. Both my daughters love baking, so we headed for the large mixer stashed in the corner of my tiny kitchen. Rachel sat in her usual spot next to the mixer and supervised while I added ingredients. I’d just poured in a bag of powdered sugar when I realized I needed something else from the cabinet. I turned my back and heard the mixer kick into high gear.

Uh oh! I didn’t want to turn around, but someone had to turn the mixer off. I dove toward Rachel and the mixer, but it was too late. Rachel grinned at me from under a white face. A fine spray of powdered sugar “snow” covered Rachel, the mixer, the walls, the cabinets, and the floor. It was a huge mess. My first instinct was to cry, but why bother? I grabbed my camera and took several pictures then allowed myself to crack up. How often does it snow both inside and out? I took almost an hour to clean it up, but I had been worried about how we’d pass the time, hadn’t I?