It’s 3 p.m. and that time of the day has come to ask myself the same question for the millionth time … “WHAT’S FOR DINNER??”

I loathe cooking, mainly because I am not very good at it and also because … well, I am just not very good at it. And considering I don’t like to do it, it takes an awful lot of time and effort on my part.

It’s the same old routine: chicken and broccoli, lasagna, spaghetti, tacos, then back to chicken and broccoli and the list rotates again. Honestly, how much can one person do with chicken and ground turkey?

Bryan’s godbrother comes about once a year and he is a chef. I do my best to find inspiration while watching him cook up something very yummy in my kitchen, but then he leaves and, well, away goes the inspiration about three days later. I mean, who really makes homemade mayonnaise?

Then of course I’ve tried the Rachael Ray thing and well, honestly, most of her stuff does not sound that great to me. And while I love Paula Dean, her stuff is just too fattening. So the dilemma goes on… “What’s for dinner?”

I will say there is one show out there called Pantry Raid. Ever heard of it? The chef comes to your house and goes into your pantry and fridge and pulls things out and makes a few meals! I love that and I have most of the stuff in my own kitchen. All those other shows you have to go spend tons of money to stock your kitchen with the spices and rare foods they use. But of course I can never find that Pantry Raid show on TV and when I do it is the same silly episode I saw before! UGH!

I truly envy women who can cook and find pleasure in it. I long for the day when I find pleasure in cooking for my family and see the joy on their faces from a meal I made, instead of getting the usual “Chicken and broccoli again?”

I’ve got one thing going for me: My 3-year-old loves anything I cook and he always makes me feel good. Thank you, Lord, for that bit of encouragement.

So, what do I do? Well first I need to start looking for some easy, healthy recipes and then plan a menu for the month. Knowing what I am going to cook is half the battle. As far as enjoying cooking, well if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them.

So enough of my ranting and rambling for today. It’s 3 p.m. (seriously), and I have no idea what’s for dinner.

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