Moms are always looking for some “summer fun” ideas.  Well here’s an uncomplicated one to add to the list!

Back in my old neighborhood, when my children were younger, our yard was known for the Eyster version of a day at the beach.

I would announce to my children we were having a day at Mom’s Beach and the squeals of delight would ensue! I’d start off by loading my children into the car, backing out of the garage and into the yard. Once the car was safely parked in the yard we would all get out and grab the buckets and rags and wash the car. After which we’d all jump back in and pull it right back into the garage! Okay, I know that sounds odd, but it’s how we always started Mom’s Beach. It helped build the excitement I guess—plus it always made Daddy happy.

Chore done, now the fun!

We would then drag out our little plastic pool and the big bucket of outside toys, fill up the pool with water, and start having some serious fun in the sun. I’d call some neighbors and friends and let them know Mom’s Beach was open and sometimes we’d have visitors, sometimes it was just us.

I’d play with them lots, but this set up also allows for mom to have some down time sitting in the beach chair—right next to the little ones in the pool. Mom’s Beach would last the better part of a day and it’s the kind of fun that’s easy to reproduce, we did this at least twice a week!

Yes, we’ve taken trips to the real beach before, but think about it … what do children really like to do while at the beach? Play with toys and just sort of be kids.  Granted, they play with toys in the sand at the beach, but if you provide other options trust me, they’ll play and be very happy about it.

I admit I did miss the beauty and majesty of the ocean, but the sound of children giggling and pretending has a majesty all its own!

And yes, a hose is a weak second to a crashing wave … but hey, fun is fun! And there’s a lot to be said about a day at the beach without having to deal with sand EVERYWHERE!