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Serving Others

Giving: A New Kind of Shopping Spree

One of the feelings I hate is what I’ll call the after-Christmas glut. It’s a little like that feeling you can get after a Thanksgiving feast: I reeeeaaally ate too much. I…

A Simple Meal

Kristina walked into our yard selling overpriced magazines.  She explained that she was from the inner city and the organization she represented gave her an opportunity to “reach her goals.” …

The Eternal Value of Scrubbing Your Toilet

I’m sure it has crossed your mind at some point: This toilet only gets dirty again. My kids wear their clothes and toss them in the hamper (or don’t) again. These beds…

Powerless Ike

This weekend we spent a great deal of time watching the weather as Hurricane Ike pounded the Texas coastline. Pictures of ravaged homes and floating debris made my gut twist….


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