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Father, We praise you and thank you for all that we have. May our children grow to be generous, quick to give of their time, money, and abilities.

A Forgiving Heart

Father, I pray that my child would develop a forgiving heart and be both quick to forgive others and humbly seek the forgiveness of others.

Repent Quickly

Father, may my children feel conviction quickly over any sin in their lives now or in the future, turn away from that path, and come back to the path you…

A Teachable Spirit

Father, Please bless my child with a teachable spirit. And keep me teachable as well! Help me to know how best to guide my child and help me to keep…

Thank you for the Gift

Thank you Father for the gift of being a mother. Help me to see and keep my focus today on the gifts and the beauty that surround me in my…

A Desire to Share the Gospel

Dear Lord, I pray that my child would have an ever increasing desire to share the gospel.

Open Our Eyes

Father God, Open my child’s eyes (and mine too!) to any lies we accept as truth.  

Encourage Others

Father God, I pray today that my child will see those  who are lonely, and seek to include and encourage them.

A Thankful Heart

Father, Give our children thankful hearts, and please give me a heart so thankful my gratitude pours out to you.


Father God, Give my child the desire to overcome temptation and enable them to fight temptation.


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