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For God’s Glory

Father, May our children learn to live where they are, for Your glory and in a way that draws others’ attention to You.

What We Need to Hear

Father, Please enable my child to hear Your voice today, and cause my child to hear what he (or she) needs to hear today.

Accept Grace

Father, I pray our children would have an understanding of Your grace in their lives.


Father, I pray my child would learn self control being slow to speak and slow to react.

Be Discerning

Father, I pray my child would grow to be discerning, learning to compare everything she (or he) hears with Your Word.

Part of the Body of Christ

Father, May my child learn what it means to be a part of the body of Christ, and how to practically live that out.

A Habit of Gratitude

Father, We praise you and we thank you for this day. May the gratitude we feel today become a life long habit of praising and thanking you! You May Also…

Do Not Grow Weary

Father, I praise you and thank you for your peace which passes understanding. I pray that my child would not grow weary in doing good but would cling to you…

Never Lose Hope

Father, I pray my child will never lose hope, but always look to You, the giver of hope!


Dear Lord, I pray that you would provide mentors for my child who will share things that we as parents may have missed.


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