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Love for Others

Father, I pray our children will have and display a genuine love for those around them.

Confidence and Hope

Father, I pray my child’s confidence and hope will be found in You.

Mustard Seed

  Father, I pray that the little mustard seed of faith in my child continues to grow.

Aware of Grace

Father, I pray that my child becomes increasingly aware of the grace You pour out daily.

Be Kind

 Father, May my child learn how to, and desire to be, kind.

Not for the Approval of Men

Father, I pray that my child would learn to do their work for you, for your approval and not for the approval of men.

A Trustworthy Person

Father, I pray my child would see the importance of honesty and desire to become a trustworthy and honest person.

In Trials

Father, I pray our children would cling to you in all their trials.

Bear One Another’s Burdens

Father, I pray my child would learn what it means to bear others’ burdens. ~Galatians 6:2

Opportunity to Serve Others

Father, I pray that every day we would have an opportunity to serve someone, and that as we teach our children how to do that, their desire to serve others…


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