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Scratches on the Dining Table

This is a tale of two tables. A friend of mine has a unique dining table. It’s round with raised stools and has an interesting pattern etched into its surface….

Adoption Wakes Up Hearts

Last night my two-year-old, Alyssa, drew a picture of a house, and it made me think about how different this house—our house—would be without this girl. Without her giggles, without…

Motherhood Without Regret

I wasn’t expecting a wave of emotion to overtake me as I read Kelcie’s post on MomLife Today. But here I find myself looking through blurry eyes, filled with tears…

Cherish the Days

The other day while cleaning out a kitchen cabinet I came across a set of tiny lunchbox notes I’d found on clearance. I bought them for Eldest when she was…

Making a Home

When my daughter recently turned four, I decided to save money and make her cake myself. I scoured the internet for cute pumpkin-themed ideas and finally decided on one that…

The Christmas Letter

Ashley is back with another video for us. This time she shares a Christmas letter she wrote and a special gift she received.

Fun MOMents at Meals – Memories

Enjoy this Fun MOMent at Mealtime theme night that is all about YOU, mom! Whether you have a house full of youngsters or your walls are quieter now, this meal…

Goodbye House

Earlier this year we learned unexpectedly we needed to move. Yes, saying good bye to our home of 33 years. It was sudden and at the time we didn’t know where we…

A Post About Absolutely Nothing?

It’s the middle of the day and I just spent the last hour sprawled out on my big lounge chair watching Tom and Jerry, even while my to-do list is dripping off the page….

Dream Come True — Every Day

Call it what you will—“Disney Déjà vu,” “Mickey Memories,” “Neverland Nostalgia”—it was fun! Two little girls who love princesses, three jam-packed days of wild rides, cotton candy, and familiar characters,…


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