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6 Ways to Find Freedom From the Frenzy This Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year, but it hasn’t always been that way. For many years I looked at December as a list of duties and obligations. The decorations,…

Margins Bless and Reduce Family Stress

Hurrying through the house, we searched under chairs and beds for the lost shoe. “You need to be more responsible and keep up with things,” I reminded my child.  On…

Holding Firmly to My Best Friend’s Hand

I’m a scaredy-cat … I’ll admit it. Recently my kids and I joined some friends for a day at the beach … it was beautiful and so much fun! This…

Step Five out of Angry: Times of Unique Stress

I went in for my every-three-and-a-half-months, I’ve-put-this-off-too-long, please-cut-my-hair-so-it-doesn’t-look-like-I’m-wearing-a-lampshade appointment at the hairdresser. I have a headful of decidedly curly, i.e. forgiving but frizzy hair, quickly becoming more frizzy and less forgiving. I believe the dialogue went something like this.

Hairstylist: Are you under a lot of stress?

Me: Um, well, yeah. Some.


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