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From Santa to Sexting

The middle school years are difficult. Both for our middle schoolers and for us as their parents. Have you noticed parenting getting harder as your children hit the tween and…

Be The Mom!

Hooray and congrats to Tracey on the birth of her newest baby!  Her new book!  It has been said that writing a book is like giving birth to a baby…

Why Family Dinners Matter

Dinnertime is a valuable time to enjoy a good meal, good company, and good conversation. How do we practice that with our families? How do we find the time to…

Frustrated Parenting

Do you ever get frustrated or even angry with your kids? Do your kids push your buttons? Do you get overwhelmed by your own emotions? Joy Downs joins Tracey Eyster…

Making Time to Be a Wife

Many men fear that after they gain a child, they lose a wife. It’s so easy for us moms to walk around in sweatpants and no makeup all the time….

Raising Children is Like Gardening

Raising children is a lot like gardening! Listen to Judy Rossi explain how. See all the videos featuring Judy Rossi.

Meg Meeker on the Importance of Solitude

Everybody needs time alone. Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician, shares with us the importance of solitude for ourselves and our children. Solitude is something that we easily lose in the busyness…

MomLife Today with The Money Saving Mom’s Budget

In this special video of MomLife Today from the FamilyLife Love Like You Mean It Marriage Cruise, Tracey Eyster and Dannah Gresh talk with Crystal Paine about her new book,…

Bethany Hamilton Talks About Staying Close to Her Parents

“Soul Surfer” Bethany Hamilton joins us to talk about her relationship with her parents, Thomas and Cherilyn Hamilton, and what they mean to her.

Fashioned by Faith

My daughter’s hand-me-down clothes are like gold to my friends with younger daughters. Not so much because of the money it saves them, but for the painstaking hours saved finding…


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