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Siblings Loving Siblings with Special Needs

“How come everyone is all excited when she finishes her math book, but nobody cares when I finish mine?” My son, age 11, struggled to get the words out, tears…

Hugs from Home

I had my first four children in three and one half years. My oldest, a girl, was so easy to keep up with through her high school and college years….

Dogs, the Hulk, and Romance

I got up this morning determined to write about romance today because it’s February, and that’s what February is about, right? I didn’t even make it from the bedroom to the kitchen….

Chillin’ with My Husband: Time for a Plan

It was time: My husband and I took a night away just before the new year. We needed to pray, to plan, to think—both alone and together. We needed to…

Birds, Bees, and Family Dinner

“And that is how he proposed to her. Can you believe he knew six years before that he was going to marry her?” “How did he know?” “I don’t know….

Mom, You Talk Too Much!

I have a pretty daggum great relationship with both of my teens. We talk to each other about stuff, real life stuff. Yeah, a real blessing for sure. Yet, at…

Real Nutrition for Real Moms

By Lindy Ford I want to set everyone at ease right from the get go. Your dream of making your family life more productive, enjoyable and healthy is doable—without going…

Internet and Gaming Addiction

I talked to some moms recently who have dealt with a child who was addicted to internet video gaming. This is a serious problem in these families, and impacts relationships…

Christmas in Uganda

It needs to be said. For a mzungu (a foreigner), Christmas on the Equator is a little … weird. You’ve got the sun shining away at a pleasant 80 or…

How To Keep Your Husband Looking At You–and Only You!

Ever since Shaunti Feldhahn ripped the security blindfolds from our eyes in For Women Only, we’ve been wondering what to do about the fact that our husbands are wired to…


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