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7 Things I Say to God When I Don’t Choose to Wait on Him

I have many personal weaknesses, but I would say that my biggest one by far is that I don’t know when to leave people alone! If there’s a conflict or…

The Words We Say Matter

It is God’s desire that we live a life full of purpose and hope. It’s a life that He has equipped us for long before we entered our mother’s womb….

10 Ways To Help Out…Single Parents and Their Stuff

Single parent. I wonder where that phrase was first spoken. And what the circumstances were. It is a phrase that continues to define me no matter how much I wish…

Tips on How to Speak Lovingly to Your Family

Could I do it? A day shy of 37 weeks, I was in the hospital contracting every 2 to 3 minutes. Finally, I would hold my TWO babies in my…

Memorial Day: Young Marine, Old Marine Honors the Dead

From the time I was a young child, I have always been drawn to wrinkled, warm hands and the soft, slow countenance of the aged. Their smiles always seemed to…

Social Media Negativity – Stop Listening to Wrong Voices

I used to belong to this neighborhood social media site that was similar to the bigger social platforms. People nearby could post neighborhood information like lost pets and helpful information….

Relationships That Tell the Truth

“How are you?” I tilted my head and looked in her eyes. “Fine,” she nodded. But then the up-and-down of her head shifted to side-to-side. “Actually, I’m not.” My friend…

What the Church Often Gets Wrong About Sex

I recently gave you an oh-so-gentle nudge to talk to your kids about sex.   And not just once, but repeatedly, weaving it into your conversations whenever appropriate. Because “talking…

Small Group – No Longer Alone

I have known loneliness. The day I married began a greater unveiling of something I saw but didn’t understand. There were trips to the E.R., medications, doctor’s visits, therapy, the…

How to Handle Singleness and Dating

Here at MomLife Today, we talk a lot about marriage in relation to parenting. But the reality is some moms also find themselves dating or in a season of singleness….


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