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Debt-Free Vacations

“95,555 & Counting.” That’s what I posted on my Facebook page today. It’s the mileage on my black Envoy. And today, I’m grateful for it. Not so 48 hours ago….

A Heart of Hospitality In The Midst of Messy

I’ve always had a heart geared toward people, and hospitality is one of my gifts. Believing I was exercising this gift, for years I read entertaining magazines and watched TV…

Moms Helping Children Flourish – It’s A Process

For years I’ve heard the phrase, “Bloom where you’re planted.” I started to look around at the soil that I was planted in. I’m planted in the soil of being…

The Value of a Servant Heart

Growing up in a family with 10 children, there were always chores to be done. No one was exempt from helping with chores and there were many to go around….

Trading the Seen for the Unseen

I am expecting guests to arrive later today. My house is not ready. My laundry is not done. I am out of dish detergent and dangerously low on toilet paper….

An Attitude We Excuse That Is Inexcusable

I need my me time. I deserve to be happy. I should treat myself. I have my rights. I should get to do what I want, when I want. Have…

The Higher Calling of Motherhood

I recently attended a Veteran’s Day programs for both of my children. Such different experiences. Eldest played in her school’s band, smiling with her friends and clapping for each portion…

Using Your Passions for the Glory of God

As we age, we start to look back on our lives and see how God had a plan. We can see how Romans 8:28 applies to us and how every…

Invisible Ministry

Missionaries, foster and adoptive families, pastors… It’s easy to recognize their “calling.” They are making a big impact in God’s kingdom! We love to read stories on social media of…

Rethinking Time Management

As the new year hits full stride, many of us are considering our calendars. Some are blank slates. Others are already packed with to-dos. Sometimes the calendar feels like a…


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