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Romancing the Soul: What I’ve Learned as a Parent of an Autistic Child

Romance is in the air—at least according to the grocery store isle. Valentine’s candy and gifts fill every available space. So, I’ve been contemplating: What is romance? My following conclusion…

Dogs, the Hulk, and Romance

I got up this morning determined to write about romance today because it’s February, and that’s what February is about, right? I didn’t even make it from the bedroom to the kitchen….

Chillin’ with My Husband: Time for a Plan

It was time: My husband and I took a night away just before the new year. We needed to pray, to plan, to think—both alone and together. We needed to…

Training Them Up

By Carla Adair Hendricks I’d heard these words quoted countless times before – in parenting books, at adoption conferences, in church pulpits. I too had quoted these words – to…

Birds, Bees, and Family Dinner

“And that is how he proposed to her. Can you believe he knew six years before that he was going to marry her?” “How did he know?” “I don’t know….

How to Let Your Husband Lead

I have to say it wasn’t always easy for me to let John lead. When he and I married in 1990, I was a single mom of a little boy….

Real Nutrition for Real Moms

By Lindy Ford I want to set everyone at ease right from the get go. Your dream of making your family life more productive, enjoyable and healthy is doable—without going…

“Stop Judging Me!” 5 Ways to Overcome When Others Judge Your Child with Special Needs

When out with Rachel, my daughter with autism, I’ve been stared at and judged more times than I can count. She has stripped naked in public, held screaming tantrums, had huge tangles…

Internet and Gaming Addiction

I talked to some moms recently who have dealt with a child who was addicted to internet video gaming. This is a serious problem in these families, and impacts relationships…

My Single Mom Slippers

I really must be tired – from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet. Not only is my hair looking a bit limp lately, but my…


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