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Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster

Tracey Eyster is the Founder and Director of MomLife Today & Mom Camp and is passionate about speaking into the lives of others one on one, or through live events.  Becoming a mom later in life ignited a passion in her on the importance of building a Christ centered legacy in the home. She has logged hours in corporate America, consulting, community volunteering, Christian ministry, interview journalism, mentoring, speaking and writing — while keeping homelife and serving family her priority. “Be intentional. Be relational. Be selfless.” — in a nutshell, that’s her life and message. Hiking, kayaking and hosting others in her home are her funtime pursuits, now that she, and husband Bill, are living the “just us” life again. She and Bill have been married since 1986.

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Had a Good Belly Laugh Lately?

We had some family friends visit for the weekend and had lots of outdoor fun while they were here, including a hike up a mountain, pickle ball tournaments, and air…

Did I Say that Out Loud?

Have you ever said something and then wished you could just suck the words right back into your mouth before they reach the listening ears of your husband, tweenager and…

Spouse-ology™: Parents’ Night In

Well, that was fun! Ever had one of those nights with friends where you just knew you hit a home run? We invited some couples over and the plan was…

Who can Help Me?

I was sleeping soundly (yes, that does happen again once your children get a little older) and I heard a faint,”Mom? … Mom?” I sprang out of bed and stumbled…

Dr. Phil Prescribes “FIREPROOF”

Earlier this week I told you about a great new movie that’s being released this weekend and encouraged you all to go see it … remember?  The movie is FIREPROOF. …

Hollywood on Fire

I have never been one to be star struck, though I have met quite a few famous people by the world’s standards. But I have been dumbstruck over how God…

GodBlog: Homeward Bound

I think my description Friday was correct: I have spent the last weekend drinking from a fire hose! I am amazed at just how rapidly technology is changing and advancing….

BlogCon Mom

Yesterday I reminded my children that I was going away for the weekend. “Where are you going again?” my daughter asked curiously. “To the big GodBlog convention,” I reminded her….

Jesus Freak Mom

Confession time. I talk to myself.  A lot. When I was younger my family used to tease me about how I’d carry on major conversations while alone in my room….

Ugly Mom

I hear the words skipping around in my head, “don’t be ugly.” But somehow my mouth just opens up and I hear ugly words come out anyway. Why can’t I…


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