28 Activities for February

14 Ways to Show Love to Others: 1. Start your husband’s car several minutes before he needs to leave. Scrape off the windshield, and leave a mug of hot coffee…

Fun with Christmas Past

It’s fun to look back on memories of Christmas past. Can you guess which of our bloggers is in each picture? 1. You’re not so scary after all! 2. Hee,…

Staying Connected as a Family

We have a guest today! Teresa Gaikema joins Tracey to discuss staying connected as family and how to do so during our busy schedules.

Discover Your Love Language

What if you could say or do just the right thing guaranteed to make that special someone feel loved? People express and receive love in different ways. The secret is…

How to Learn to Love Your Husband Again

A couple weeks ago, Barbara shared with us how to find purpose again as a woman after your kids have left the nest. Going hand in hand with that is…

Building Relationships in a Digital Age

Are today’s hand held gadgets, phones, and video games interfering with our ability to connect on a deeper personal level?


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