Encourage Others

Father God, I pray today that my child will see those  who are lonely, and seek to include and encourage them.

A Desire to Know You

Father God, I pray that You would put within my child a desire to nurture their relationship with You.

Heart Knowledge

Father God, May the knowledge my children have in their heads about You move to their hearts and become a reality in their lives.

Grow in Their Gifts

Father God, Grow in my child in the gifting You have given them, make their callings clear and help me to recognize their gifts.

A Thankful Heart

Father, Give our children thankful hearts, and please give me a heart so thankful my gratitude pours out to you.


Father God, Give my child the desire to overcome temptation and enable them to fight temptation.

Sharing the Gospel

Father God, Open our children’s ears and hearts to the gospel. And please teach us as their parents how best to share it with them daily.

Open Our Eyes

Father, please open my child’s eyes to the needs to others today. Posts that May Help: Raising Kids with Character I’m Passionate About Teaching My Children . . . Service…


Father, I pray that You will heighten my child’s awareness of You today. Posts that May Help: Timeless Words 4 Simple Ways to Teach Scripture to Young Children Precept Bible…

Facing the Culture

Father, Teach me today how and when to show my child how to face the culture, not hide from it. Posts that may help: An Open Letter from a Few…


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