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Heather Hetchler Shares Encouragement for Stepmoms

Heather Hetchler knows that it’s hard not to take it personally when your stepchildren don’t embrace you the way you would like despite your best efforts to love them. She…

Gayla Grace Shares Encouragement for Stepmoms

The journey to bonding as a stepfamily and learning to stepparent well means traveling along a bumpy road, but the beautiful destination is worth it. Hang in there, stepmoms! And for…

Moms, Self Care is Not Selfish

Jill Savage, prolific author and ministry leader shares with Tracey the importance of self care for moms!

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What do your children do/say if they see you and hubby kiss or show affection? Share your answer in the comments!

Join Us at MomLife Boot Camp

On the shores of Lake Palestine in Tyler Texas, with worship led by Cheri Keaggy we’ll remember the girls we were, share the moms we are, and dream about the…

MomLife MOMents

From Amy: “You know those all too brief moments during the year that make you feel like you are doing something right as a mom? Last night was one of…

In Memory… Yolanda Upshaw

Join us in praying for Yolanda’s husband and four children. The voice of an angel, the heart of a saint. Heaven sounds sweeter today because she is now there praising…

MomLife Today MOMents

From Janel: “So my middle son, reaching for a banana, knocks over a glass of Crush. I give a (little?) shriek, and rush for some paper towels. Son, in a…

Weekend to Remember Special Offer

Enjoy a fun, romantic getaway with your spouse and take your marriage to the next level. Weekend to Remember shows couples how to understand God’s blueprint for marriage, improve communication,…


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