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Megan Rice

Megan Rice

Megan Rice wants to keep you guessing on just what she and her family look like, here’s what you need to know about her, in her own words: “Hello, moms! I am so happy to share with you some of my experiences and lessons learned as I have loved my six children. One of the best decisions my husband and I made early on was to set our budget on one income – his! – so that I could invest fulltime in the lives of any little ones God brought us, and bring them He did. Boys, girls, birth, adoption, curly hair, straight hair, near-sighted, far-sighted, American, Russian, high school, elementary, overachieving, and working to keep up. Busy? Yes, but everyone’s busy doing something, right? I choose momming! In my spare moments, I like reading, watching sports, and enjoying peace and quiet.

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6 Ways You Can Help a Mom of Multiples

My early days with Twin A and Twin B (as the hospital called them) bring back a lot of memories, mostly vague. There wasn’t much sleep happening in those days,…

The Funny Things We Do as Moms

A joyful heart is good medicine, according to Proverbs 17:22 (ESV).  Had any good laughs lately? “The boys need their fingernails clipped,” my loving husband mentioned. “I did it during…

Are You Serving Fresh Fruit?

It was a beautiful summer day for my son’s 11th birthday, not the southern sweating-and-sweltering we have way too often. We actually celebrated the night before, but there was one…

Meltdown Management

“Nothing’s wrong!” So says my daughter’s voice, but her body language betrays her. Something about the glaring, stomping, creased-forehead, teary look tips me off. Rapid meltdowns are nothing new for…

Seeing Clearly

I stood at the counter holding up a box of crackers. “Can you read this?” I asked my 8-year-old daughter, an excellent reader, who was sitting several feet away at…

Siblings Loving Siblings with Special Needs

“How come everyone is all excited when she finishes her math book, but nobody cares when I finish mine?” My son, age 11, struggled to get the words out, tears…

Dogs, the Hulk, and Romance

I got up this morning determined to write about romance today because it’s February, and that’s what February is about, right? I didn’t even make it from the bedroom to the kitchen….

Birds, Bees, and Family Dinner

“And that is how he proposed to her. Can you believe he knew six years before that he was going to marry her?” “How did he know?” “I don’t know….

Boy Crafts

It is the dreaded moment of the week: the dropping-my-son-off-at-Sunday-school moment. All is going well until the teacher meets us at the door, bends to my son’s level, and makes…


“Excuse me, but your daughter’s foot fell off,” the Sunday school teacher leaned over the row of seats and whispered in my husband’s ear. Sometimes having a child with special…


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