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Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer

Jennifer Dyer has an M.S. in Communications Disorders, which served her well in her professional career as a speech-language pathologist. Never did she imagine that her education and career were God’s way of preparing her to be a mom to her own daughter with autism. Today, she enjoys reaching out to other families who face similar diagnoses. As a cancer survivor, carpet-cleaning veteran, and originator of the “Messy House Ministry,” Jennifer feels blessed to share joy, peace, and humor with others facing life’s challenges. She and her IT genius husband Brandon have been married since 1998.

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The Ox in the Vineyard

Do you remember the newlywed stage when you thought of your beloved’s reaction to even your little decisions? I do. When we first married I took care to apply makeup…

Vocabulary Lesson

Yesterday, Lauren and I were driving on our way to get Rachel from school. We were listening to some kid CD, and I remarked that one of the characters was…

Now That’s Customer Service

Everyone needs encouragement, especially moms. I love when it comes from the most unexpected sources. I recently called a toy company about an exchange. While on the phone, I mentioned…

Are you Tending Your Marriage?

Have you ever seen a well-tended wisteria vine? They’re beautiful and provide thick shade. We have one, but it’s been neglected. This weekend, my husband had to cut it back….

My Prayers are Answered

For years we’ve prayed Rachel—our younger daughter with severe autism—would stop dumping toys … and everything else. She specializes in large piles, especially ones with lots of little pieces. And…

Powerless Ike

This weekend we spent a great deal of time watching the weather as Hurricane Ike pounded the Texas coastline. Pictures of ravaged homes and floating debris made my gut twist….

“Conversations with God”

As a new mother I looked forward to the days when danger wouldn’t lurk behind every electric outlet, staircase, bathtub, and knife drawer. Sadly, I realize as my children grow…

Grace Versus Consequences

A few months ago my six-year-old went outside with some neighborhood friends. “You may sit with them in the yard across the street, but stay nearby,” I said. A few…

Climbing Mount Everest

I decided to climb Mt. Everest the other day. I knew it was going to be tough, but I packed provisions and set out. I had to stop for oxygen…

What to Do?

Today has been strange. I think it’s the lack of noise—school just started. I’d planned a coffee meeting with some other moms yesterday for first-day-of-school-support, so that helped. I only…


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