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Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein graduated summa cum laude from John Brown University and began her career with NavPress, where she worked on The Message Bible. She is a mother of four and she and her family served as missionaries to Uganda for five years. Personal loans online usa. Janel has continued using her gift of writing by serving as a writer and editor and you can read more from her at A Generous Grace.

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Step Five out of Angry: Times of Unique Stress

I went in for my every-three-and-a-half-months, I’ve-put-this-off-too-long, please-cut-my-hair-so-it-doesn’t-look-like-I’m-wearing-a-lampshade appointment at the hairdresser. I have a headful of decidedly curly, i.e. forgiving but frizzy hair, quickly becoming more frizzy and less forgiving. I believe the dialogue went something like this.

Hairstylist: Are you under a lot of stress?

Me: Um, well, yeah. Some.

ADD: Our First Two Weeks After Diagnosis

It was as if I was watching a Polaroid photo develop. First, a vague figure appeared. “You know, we have a family history of ADD.” Then, the shape took on…

Helping Kids by Telling Stories

A friend was making friendly conversation with my oldest son during that “shake the hand of the person next to you” time in church. “You excited about moving to Africa?”…

Moving to Africa

Because many of you have been with me as I have been “growing up” in my motherhood, I am elated (and only slightly terrified) to reveal the next chapter: We’re…

Mean Girls: My Story

A few nights ago found me at a dinner theater, silently viewing the musical Annie from a darkened front-row table. I watched with mixed emotions: A lot of nostalgia, yes;…

An Ode to … Me

It was one of those checkout lines that was not made for women with four children seven years old and under. Twenty, maybe thirty minutes long. I was seriously doubting…

Avoiding Burnout: 31 Tips for Entering the No-Fry Zone

Author’s note: Some of you know that I struggle painfully with overcommitting, overworking, and a number of other (uh, prideful, fearful, faithless…) related issues that cost me and the ones…

10 Practical Ideas to Help Stop the Whining, Already!

Does your family have a whiner? (Do you grimace when I mention this person?) One of my children, who is five, has managed to bring whining to an art form….

A Book of “Me”

As a fun teaching tool at our house — and you’ve probably heard of it before — I landed on the idea of making an age-appropriate “book” for each of…

How to Teach Your Kids To Do Just About Anything on Their Own

My five-year-old is fascinated by The Little Engine that Could. He leans his curly head against my arm while I read from the exhausted halt of the story’s toy-and-food-laden train — bound…


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