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Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein graduated summa cum laude from John Brown University and began her career with NavPress, where she worked on The Message Bible. She is a mother of four and she and her family served as missionaries to Uganda for five years. Personal loans online usa. Janel has continued using her gift of writing by serving as a writer and editor and you can read more from her at A Generous Grace.

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Is it that Obvious?

At our house, if my toddler uses the toilet, my preschooler gets a jellybean, too; we want him to encourage his brother. On one such occasion, I told the eldest…

“Code M”

“May I please get out?” At my request my two-and-a-half year old had rephrased “I want to get out”, as in, of the shopping cart. I hefted him to the…

Whine, Whine, Whine

Allow me to recite our household’s currently most-quoted verse: “Do everything without complaining or arguing” (Philippians 2:14). I hate, oh yes, hate whining. Grrr. This verse is now standardly incorporated…

Thinking Globally

I can’t remember if this is my own idea or not, but we began a habit when my oldest was two that has been a blessing to all of us….

Birthday Exhortation

My oldest turned four last Saturday. (I got a postcard in the mail for pre-kindergarten immunizations and about had a heart attack. This parenting thing flies.) Creativity has an excuse…

I Cried at Walmart Today

I cried at Walmart today. I stood there in the parking lot and cried for the sheer emotional relief of it. This was after I’d been embarassed by myself and…

Better than a Band-Aid

I was tugging my 2-year-old’s shirt over his head this morning when he whimpered from the nasty scratches on his wrist from digging in the backyard with Dad. “Oh, was…

Why I’m Glad They’re Smushed Together

Someone told me this week that they could in no way do what I was doing, having three kids three and under. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this….

Good Point

My three-year-old (still confused why he can’t marry his little sister): “Mom, who’s she going to marry?” Me: “Well, I don’t know. But God does! And I hope it’s a…

All That Ministry Out There

The other day our church was being challenged to change the world with the gifts God’s given us. There are people deeply hurting, souls to be won, lives to be…


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