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Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein

Janel Breitenstein graduated summa cum laude from John Brown University and began her career with NavPress, where she worked on The Message Bible. She is a mother of four and she and her family served as missionaries to Uganda for five years.  Janel has continued using her gift of writing by serving as a writer and editor and you can read more from her at A Generous Grace.

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Sexual Predators: Knowledge is Power

Summer’s winding down, and the kids are back in school: new teachers, new coaches, new slumber parties. But with all the excitement, there can actually be a darker side — new…

Making a Facebook Getaway

What is it about email or Facebook that makes it almost addictive for a mom to check? My computer is in my laundry room/pantry, so I’ll wander in for a…

Lesson from a Millionaire

If you could spare your kids something you went through, what would it be? For one, I don’t want my kids to have a lot of orthodontic or dental work….

Loving Better

I think I landed on a gold mine. I had no ideas for gifts for my husband one holiday. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I wanted to do something really special on…

Trying to Behave

I was climbing in bed the other night when I heard my 5-year-old, a notoriously bad sleeper, moaning in his sleep. I found him sitting there on his top bunk, still asleep, eyes closed, crying. “I’m trying to behave, but I just can’t!” he pleaded.

The Correlation Between Pretending and Saving the World

My 2-year-old daughter has been living in an elastic-waist pink skirt with balloons of lace at the sides, trimmed with silver beads and pink feathers. Her “princess skirt” is now…

Art Project: Getting to Know You

I’ve been on the lookout for some art project ideas for my kids—you know, keep their creative juices flowing. On another blog, I came upon an idea that keeps giving…

Afraid to Rest?

The Sabbath has been a popular topic of discussion on MomBlog … probably because being a mom equals being pooped! Personally I’ve had to realize the hard way that no matter…

Pass the Soap

I heard it from the other room. “Stop it NOW!” my son yelled at his brother. Lovely. Lately we’ve been having a few too many of these 5-year-old, attitude-laden verbal…

For “One of Those Days”

I have a rough theory about motherhood. I wonder if God made things so round-the-clock and all-demanding of moms right from the start so that we’d be used to laying…


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