Heather Hawkins

Heather Hawkins

Heather Hawkins is a homeschool mom, dedicated to her family, which includes “trying” to filter the family stories her husband, comedian Tim Hawkins chooses to share with the laughing world. Her kindness and “always help others” attitude is contagious, clearly she is star of the family, shining bright in the universe!

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Our Rules for Parenting in the Digital Age

They say if we want to know what America will be like in five years concerning electronics, we can look to Korea. Korea currently has an Adolescent Technology Addiction problem (ATA) that…

Are We There Yet?

Tim and I are shameless Will Ferrell fans. In the movie “Anchorman,” he retorts after losing his job, “I’m completely miserable, San Diego!” He pauses and then says, “It’s so…

I’m Not Your Friend

About three years ago, my children (then eleven, nine, and six) sat at the bar while I tidied up the kitchen. I am a single mom practically every weekend, and they were begging…

“I have a Dream …”

This speech by Martin Luther King Jr. is one of the most recognized speeches of our time, if not the most famous. It was August 28, 1963, when thousands gathered…


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