Darcy Kimmel

Darcy Kimmel

Darcy Kimmel has been speaking into the lives of women and couples for decades. She and her husband founded the ministry of Family Matters and their “Grace Based” parenting and marriage materials have strengthened countless family legacies. Her “Love Darcy” series on their website is a mom favorite!

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Dream Come True — Every Day

Call it what you will—“Disney Déjà vu,” “Mickey Memories,” “Neverland Nostalgia”—it was fun! Two little girls who love princesses, three jam-packed days of wild rides, cotton candy, and familiar characters,…

Childlike Faith and Well-Timed Interruptions

There is nothing quiet and uneventful about our family dinners, and this was no exception. My mom and stepfather were visiting from Florida, and everyone had gathered to say hello….

Answered Prayer and Last Dances

It’s a prayer that slips through parents lips the moment they sit and rock their new baby: a prayer for the future, a petition for God’s blessing, and a plea…

Four-Year-Old Theology and Garage Sale Wisdom

It was one of those rare times that I got to pick up Lydia, our 4-year-old granddaughter, from preschool. Talk about a boost to the ego! She squealed my name,…

Now Hiring – Teen Job Hunt Interview Skills

Colt was experiencing a common dilemma for a teenager. His financial outflow was exceeding his income. He needed to get a job. That is what prompted him to make an…


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