For those of you who are raising little boys, allow me to warn you: when they get a little older (and I do mean a little older), they will be facing some rather aggressive girls who do not live by the same social etiquette rules most of us grew up with!

I remember being told by both of my parents not to pursue boys, and that was pretty easy for me to accept. I had two brothers, so I knew the gross side of boys. The rule that stands out foremost in my mind was the “don’t call boys” rule.

But in today’s tween/teen social environment, you can forget that one. Because now not only do tween and teen girls call boys, they text them, send electronic notes, send photos, and plop right next to them at the boys’ lunch table, insert themselves into their conversations, and pursue away!

I am much more concerned about my son having to deal with aggressive members of the opposite sex than I have ever been with his older sister. She has even shared with me that there are girls at school “creepin” on him all the time. (For those of you not in the know, “creepin” is showing aggressive interest in someone.)

What? That makes this mama bear want to roar and protect her cub. However, I must retract the claws, keep my wits about me, and figure out how to protect my son from “the female pack” while not totally embarrassing him in the process.

Protecting Your Son

I find myself looking for teachable moments on the subject everywhere. If we are watching something and there is an aggressive girl portrayed, we discuss the subject. I casually ask him about who he’s spending time with when he’s at school and church events, and I keep my eyes and ears open.

On the practical side of things, he is not allowed to friend anyone on Facebook without approval, and our computer is right in the family room. His cell phone has a block on it that does not allow him to send or receive photos, and he only uses his phone when he’s going somewhere and needs to have it to contact us.

Thankfully, he spends most of his time doing outdoor activities with his friends. So far, he and his buddies are not interested in being hindered by spending time with girls. But at some point that will change.

Dennis Rainey wrote an interesting article on aggressive girls that started a firestorm of comments from concerned moms — so I know I’m not alone in my struggle of how to handle this new phenomenon. Please, help a mom out and share your thoughts with me on this one!

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