So … how many plates do you have spinning in the air right now?

Back-to-school supplies, back-to-school paperwork, carpool, after-school activities, school clothing buying, snack planning, meal planning, fall sporting events, school calendar activity scheduling, reorganizing summer fun into fall responsibilities … and on and on. It can be totally overwhelming! Don’t ya think?

Seriously, going back to school surely adds at least two more necessary hours to my already-packed 24-hour day. Unfortunately, I do not have the option of adding two hours to my day — and I might just hurt somebody if I had to lose two hours of sleep — so don’t go there!

I know I am not alone; I see the frazzled look in the eyes of moms in the grocery store and in the carpool line. I read the anxious Tweets and Facebook posts describing busy days and nights and a “ramped up” mom schedule that leaves moms weary and stressed out.

Need it be so?

I say no.

Yes, your “to-do list” is important, and yes, you need to be productive. However, I have an amazing suggestion for you: create another list. Now, before you think I am actually doubling your workload, keep reading! Create your very own personal “MOMents list” and divide your time between that never-ending “to-do list” — what has to get done — and your “MOMents list” of what you need to do to help you make it through your day without blowing a gasket.

What is a “MOMents list” you ask? Allow me to share mine:

• Take a walk
• Read
• Bake cookies
• Write “Thinking of you” notes
• Sit on the back deck
• Dance a little
• Write
• Pray
• Think
• Encourage “text” a friend
• Dream
• Journal
• Take a hike
• Sing a little
• Swing on the rope swing
• Jump on the trampoline
• Visit my horses

As you might have guessed (by what you just read), my “MOMents list” consists of things I like to do that bring me moments of joy, calm, and peace. And during the “busy, crazy, oh my gosh, there are not enough hours in the day” back-to-school days, having my “MOMents list” gives me options.

And call me twisted, but somehow if it’s written on a list, it seems like it officially gives me permission to fit it into my day somewhere.