One of my children is currently testing my patience to the max. The other day, it had been an especially trying day, and I was feeling ready to pull my hair out. I walked into my closet and cried out to the Lord in desperation:

“I can’t do this anymore. I’m so tired of dealing with the same issues and attitudes again and again. It seems all of my efforts aren’t going anywhere. I’m ready to give up, God.”

Right at that moment, when I was feeling exhausted, spent, and at my wit’s end, a still small voice spoke to my heart and asked, “What if I had given up on you?”

My mind immediately was flooded with so many examples of times when I stubbornly refused to follow where God was leading. When I went my own way, even though I knew it was the wrong way.

Yet, when I least deserved it, God extended His grace toward me.

When I failed Him, He didn’t fail or forsake me.

When I made a complete mess of things, He didn’t stop loving me.

He’s had every reason to give up on me as I’ve bumbled, stumbled, grumbled, and fumbled my way through life. But He hasn’t given up on me.

I left my closet with a renewed appreciation for how much my Lord loves me and a renewed dedication to keep loving my difficult child in the same way my Heavenly Father has loved me.

This child is still struggling and there are still moments that I feel like throwing in the towel, but the Lord continues to whisper to me, “I didn’t give up on you” and it gives me hope and strength to press on in this rough season of mothering.