New Year’s un-resolution … how’s that for different?

Everybody makes New Year’s resolutions. That’s easy, dreaming big dreams about what you are going to do better or what you are finally planning to get up off of your backside to do. You know, finally managing to do that “something” you have been putting off for far too long!

There’s the underlying knowledge with a New Year’s resolution that if you don’t manage to get started on January 1st, you can start your resolution on the 2nd, the 7th, or the 27th! Been there?

Like I said, that’s easy. If you really want a challenge, make a New Year’s un-resolution!

Pick something you know you do, that you absolutely should not do, and challenge yourself to stop doing it. No excuses here, you pretty much have to start on January 1 because the wrong thing you do is just right there … being done by you … on January 1! You can’t cheat on the start date because you do that thing you shouldn’t do probably every day.

A chance to begin again and shake that awful habit you need to. Gossip? Excuses? Little exaggerations … otherwise known as lies? Too much TV? Too much Internet? The wrong kind of TV? The wrong kind of Internet?

Take the necessary steps now to break that nemesis!

If you are like me, I’m guessing you need some accountability, so tell your hubby, your best friend, your mom, somebody. But it does help if you have someone help you and keep you accountable. It may not be pleasant getting caught when you continue to do your un-resolution, but learn to bite your tongue and not get upset.

As a matter of fact, your whole family should get involved, and you should all choose an un-resolution!

And friends, for the record, this post was really written for me… so you may have just gotten a peek into the New Year “you have got to tackle your issues” conversation I have been having with myself!

Conviction, when acted upon can lead to freedom! Let’s get after it moms!