Summer will be over soon and our kiddos will be back to school before we know it. Take advantage of the last days of Summer and plan some intentional fun and times to connect.

  1. Go to the park and have an end of Summer picnic.
  2. Bake something yummy. Make cupcakes  and let the kids decorate them with bags of frosting and decorator’s icing tips.
  3. Stay up late one more night and go on a flashlight walk as soon as it gets dark.
  4. Have one more pajama day. Watch movies and talk about them.
  5. Take each child out for a special meal or activity before school starts. Listen to their heart as they talk. Ask more questions.
  6. Plan a special evening with your spouse. Talk about how you can help each other and make times to connect when the kids go back to school.
  7. Have one more water fight outside, water balloons tucked away in a cooler insures extra fun.
  8. Play a board game or put a puzzle together. Decide now what night of the week will be “Family Night” when school starts.
  9. Make photo books on Shutterfly or other photo book service with all your Summer pictures.
  10. Don’t be a reluctant entertainer…have an end of  Summer get together with friends.
  11. Clean out your closest and playroom shelves, and donate toys to those in need.
  12. Go out for ice cream.
  13. Help your child determine a list of goals for the upcoming school year and how they will meet them.
  14. Make cards and draw pictures to give to grandparents and elderly neighbors…or visit a nursing home and bless strangers.
  15. Determine which upcoming Bible study or women’s group you’ll participate in this Fall.
  16. Visit the local pool, water park, or amusement park one more time.
  17. Gather your coupons and go school supply shopping.
  18. Blow bubbles.
  19. Play in the sprinkler.
  20. Pack your backpacks and get ready for the first day of school! Plan a special breakfast before sending them off (or starting the school day at home if you home school).
  21. Keep a craft box handy and spend an afternoon making crafts.
  22. Record or video tape the kids doing activities.
  23. Have an indoor camp out!
  24. Go barefoot and make your feet summertime happy…one more time!
  25. August is National Friendship Month. Go make a friend! Make a playdate for your kids with the new family.
  26. Go pick fruit in an orchard. Bring the kids along and make a morning out of it. Remember water bottles if you plan to stay when it gets hot.
  27. Find ways to get your AC bill under control. “Attic foil,” heavier window shades,” oscillating fans, replacing lightbulbs, even planting some trees (get some landscaping in!), or grilling food outside instead of using the stove/oven can help.
  28. See if there’s any family-friendly drama around your area. Something like “Shakespeare in the Park.”
  29. Stay out in the yard under the stars. Teach your children the constellations. Point out the Big Dipper.
  30. See if there is a good museum exhibit in the area. New exhibits tend to come when school starts again.
  31. Make your own ice cream.
How will you make the last days of Summer special?