There stands your beautiful teen daughter, looking like a princess, about to go to her first school-sponsored formal function. There you (and your husband) stand, trying to come to terms with allowing her to walk out of the house on the arm of a young man … who we all know has raging hormones and is living in a world that constantly bombards him with all the wrong messages.

What is a parent to do?

I know exactly what a wise parent is to do — Interview Your Daughter’s Date, that’s what!

Some hear us say that and retort, “Isn’t that a bit much?!” to which we reply, “No, actually, it’s not.” Experience, two homecomings, and two proms have taught us that it is indeed not “too much” to interview your daughter’s date.

Since hubby is the one who does the interviewing, I asked him why he thought it was important, and he quickly gave me the top five reasons why any young man who wants to date your daughter needs to be interviewed!

1 – Because it’s your job!

2 – Because your daughter wants you to … even though she does not know it!

3 – Because the young man wants you to … even though he does not know it!

4 – Because teenagers need to be called up to a higher standard by adults who care and are involved in their lives.

5 – Because deep inside every teenage girl’s heart is a desire for a meaningful relationship with someone who loves her … let that be you (her father) and not some knuckleheaded boy.

I realize it may sound odd and she may groan and complain, but once the interview happens, your daughter will rest easier knowing that her father has gone before her to protect her. And he has set up the expectation that the young man is to be a protector, something she can now remind the young man of, should his actions require it.

Interestingly, a transformation occurs in the young man. He stands a little taller, puffs his chest out a bit more, realizing he has been entrusted by an honorable man to protect his daughter, and something amazing happens … he steps up.

I have seen this happen … every time.

Ladies, this is a post you may want to share with your men. And as prom approaches, if your daughter’s father (or her grandpa or uncle) is struggling with how to go about giving an interview, the book Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date by Dennis Rainey will provide the answers.

Whether you have teen girls or boys, they will someday date someone, and if you want to set them both up for a successful evening and a good future, trust me — go with the interview.