Have you ever really wanted to buy something that was in scarce supply?

One Christmas we wanted to buy the up-and-coming video gaming system for our family. My husband and son ran to the store to get one and were informed that the person right before them purchased the last one. The person who got the coveted item experienced elation and victory. But for those who were  waiting to receive the next batch: disappointment yet anticipation.

Your husband is a “hot item.” Godly husbands are in scarce supply! They’re a much-anticipated commodity. There are many women who are looking everywhere to find the gift you have and because of the high demand and limited quantities, your gift is a rare find. Your husband is a man whom others would want to snatch up and call their own. But God has graciously awarded this hot item to you.

You are God’s choice to own and care for this hot item. The care you give him will be reflected by both of you as your marriage is displayed publicly and privately.

Your husband needs to hear from you that you realize he is a much sought-after commodity. He is the type of man that is desired by others. Because you have received him as a precious gift from God, the way you care for him—looking out for his best interests, building him up with your words, etc.—will show an watching world that he is valued by you.

God has given you your own husband and you are his only wife.  You should show him, daily, that you have obtained favor from the Lord and will receive him as a hot item—wanted by many, granted only to you. He will be able to see this regard for him by how you speak to him, and how you speak about him when he is not present, and by how you care for him in even the tiniest of ways (preparing his meal/plate). He is your one true hot item and you are the luckiest of women, the blessed among others, to have him.

But because of the temptation to sexual immorality, each man should have his own wife and each woman her own husband.

1 Corinthians 7:2

Excerpt from Robyn McKelvy’s book, Say It Loud!  Becoming Your Husband’s Personal Cheerleader