I have two fine sons, amazing men. But when I think about it, one of best things they have ever done is to marry the women they did.

When they were infants I began to pray for the wives they might one day marry (if it was God’s will for them to marry). I prayed these little girls would come to know Christ, and that He would forever be their first love. I prayed they would be handpicked by God and I even prayed for their parents as they were raising them, for wisdom and endurance. After all, I hoped there were some future in-laws out there praying for us as we raised these boys! We needed those prayers.

Over the years we prayed over a lot of “break ups and a few make ups.” We had our share of broken hearts. Yet through all those years God was at work. In his perfect time he brought two wonderful women into my sons’ lives. These women have become my other daughters. I love them like my own flesh and blood and I am so incredibly grateful to God for them.


They love my boys. Every time I’m in either of their homes I am impressed by the way they seek to serve their husbands. They make me want to be more intentional in serving my husband, John.

They put up with me when I have too many ideas for them or their husbands. They laugh with me. And sometimes at me, in a good way. Humor can be an incredible tool in releasing tension.

They listen to my advice and don’t take it when it’s not the wisest thing for them.

They fill me in on the details of what is happening in their lives and in their family. If I had to rely on my boys I might not know anything!

They let me take care of their children. Both have four.

They seek Jesus and want to grow in him and they are raising their kids to love Christ.

They share books and articles with me. They challenge me to grow in many areas.

They introduce me to their friends and are pleased for their friends to get to know me. This makes me feel so loved.

They pray for me.

They forgive me and grant me grace. They know we are family for the long haul and therefore we will all need a lot of forgiveness and grace to continue to grow closer rather than to drift apart.

They make time with us a priority. That’s hard with huge families and friends with whom they also want to spend time.

They don’t care that I’m a lousy cook. Especially since they are both great cooks!

They make photo albums for me and do the Christmas and birthday shopping for me.

They express gratitude to me in so many ways: cards, notes, calls and they have trained their kids to do the same. I don’t feel taken for granted.

They make me feel needed and wanted.

And so as Thanksgiving approaches and I contemplate my many blessings I find among the top are Christy and Alysia. Thank you for loving me all these years, for loving my sons, and grandchildren. God has used you in my life in countless ways and I am incredibly blessed to have you.