Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Anxious because there’s no way to get it all done? Fearful because you don’t know how to handle a difficult person? Unsure about how to make a wise decision? Stressed about all that is going on in your life?

If so, join the club! Honestly, most of us operate throughout the day at some level of stress. I certainly do, but I’d much rather function with a more laid back temperament that simply rests in the Lord. Personally, I know that much of my stress comes from packing too much into my life and from an over-responsible nature that feels that it’s all up to me.

How easy it is for me to forget that God is in control and I am not. It’s not all up to me.

Lately I’ve been contemplating stress reducers. In an attempt to reduce stress in my life I’ve decided to collect ideas that will be helpful.

A story has been told about pastor John Ortberg when he was new on the staff at a very large church. He soon found that he was moving so fast that his spiritual life was going down the drain. So he called his friend Dallas Willard to seek advice. Willard’s response was simply, “Ruthlessly eliminate hurry.”

These three words are first on my list of stress reducers. Here are some others that I’m working on:

  • Plan less. Every time I say “yes” to something on my calendar I need to remember that I’m saying “no” to something else.
  • Take 24 hours before responding to most commitment requests (chairing a event, for example). This gives me time to pray and ask, Is this what God wants me to do now?
  • Remember that I may have to postpone something I’d really like to do right now to another season in life.
  • Set aside one day a month to simply “be.” No goals, no agenda, no commitments, but simply just to be alone with the Lord.
  • Remember this old quote: “Do not feel totally, personally, irrevocably responsible for everything. That’s my job. Love, God.” (I’ve posted this one above my washing machine!)

Now, I’m sure you too have discovered some stress reducers. Please leave yours in the comment section below.