“I am a mess” are words I have uttered more times than I would like to admit. Do you feel me? If you are a mom, of course you feel me!

Now the word “mess” conjures up all sorts of Instagram possibilities in a mom’s mind—there’s the flour-all-over-the-living-room mess, the paint-all-over-the-television mess, the pillow-stuffing-all-over-the-bedroom mess, and so many more—all there for our snickering pleasure. Depending on your personality, you are either smiling with me or shivering, thinking about cleaning up the mess!

As you gaze around your home you may wilt just a bit because you think the mess you have is far worse than a dusting of flour or some misplaced stuffing— you have real issues and lofty problems.

I have some good news: God is very mindful of your mess and He has you right in the middle of your mess because He knows you personally and He is right there with you, waiting for you to seek Him.

It was quite the liberating MOMent for me when I realized that God has a purpose even in the messes. You see, it is through our messes He does His best work because that’s when we have a tendency to hear His tender voice.

Motherhood carries with it much joy and much responsibility and far too many moms are wearing the weight of the world on their drooping shoulders and sinking toward a feeling of defeat. You are not defeated; you are chosen! By God for the glorious task of raising little image-bearers who are destined to bring glory to God!

And guess what? You are the perfect mom for the kids He has entrusted to you! Read closer, you are not a perfect mom, but you are the perfect mom for your little ones!

Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess helps each mom discover (or remember) that she is the mom God chose for her children, and she is a beautiful mom who is capable of her calling.

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