Editors Note: MomLife Boot Camp, is now known as “Mom Camp” and happens every spring at Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler, Texas.

A year ago, I had never heard of MomLife Today. I was involved in a group called Arkansas Women Bloggers, and my friend, the founder, told me about a giveaway they were hosting for a trip to something called MomLife Bootcamp. I should enter, she said. She thought it was something I’d love.

A few days later I was shocked to learn I had won, and the trip to Bootcamp was mine. It looked as though I’d be driving to Tyler, Texas to attend a women’s conference with hundreds of people, none of whom I knew. I was excited but unsure of what I was getting into.

In April, I made the six-hour trip by myself (in a car with no air conditioning … whew!) and arrived at Pine Cove Camp without knowing what to expect. I’d been to plenty of Christian conferences in my day, but usually I was with women from my church or a group of friends. This time, I pulled my tiny Tuscon into a sea of minivans and stepped out completely clueless. Most everyone walking into the registration area seemed to be with her sister or best friend. I was with nobody, and that suddenly felt very apparent.

At dinner, I managed to scope out the only other “singles” in the dining hall, and we sat and talked like kindred spirits. Each of us had braved insecurities to be there, alone, and we bonded because of it throughout the weekend.

That night, at the first conference session, I sat toward the back on the right-hand side. If I expected anything it was to have my Jesus feathers fluffed, enjoy a night sans bathtime and dinner duty, and then to get a full night’s sleep. What I got, however, was the most inspirational call of duty for mothers I could have possibly heard. Tracey Eyster laid it out there. She challenged us moms to see motherhood as the highest possible calling, a calling with more repercussions than almost anything else on Earth. I thought I knew the weight of this Motherhood job before, but now I felt as if a brick had been dropped in my stomach. I finally got it. This job was heavy.

The rest of the weekend was more of the same: pure goodness. As Christians, we all need times of refreshing with the Lord, and that’s what MomLife Bootcamp was for me. It gave me a fresh, much-needed spark in my relationship with God and a new blazing passion for motherhood. The following is from my journal that weekend:

“So far, every speaker/session has nearly brought me to tears. The overwhelming message being pressed upon my heart is the immeasurable impact we, as moms, will have on our children. We are the main ones molding and shaping them into the people God wants them to be. What a responsibility and a privilege! It feels like an overwhelming burden yet such an honor. Every day I am projecting to my kids an image they will imitate. They are sponges. What do I want them to soak up?”

I can honestly say that MomLife Bootcamp was the most influential event of 2013 for me. It has impacted my life and my motherhood every month since, and there’s not a week that goes by that I don’t look forward to going back. Being “Mom” is sometimes a lonely, exhausting role. Not everyone understands this life that we live, but those at MomLife Today and MomLife Bootcamp do, and their sole mission is to encourage and equip us as moms.

Now, as only God could have predicted, I’m also a proud part of the MomLife Today team. Of all the amazing ministries out there, there is none I am more passionate about. If you’re desperate for some encouragement and some “Mommy Time” or even if you think you’re doing all right, I urge you to consider attending MomLife Bootcamp. It has the potential to change your life. I’m the proof.