The other day while waging war against the weeds in my yard, I noticed the dirt was pretty low next to the driveway. In fact, there seemed to be a gap under the driveway, right up against the house. I stuck my hand in there … and felt only air. My house weighing, oh, perhaps 600,000+ pounds was floating on air.


As I shoved top soil into the crack and prayed it wouldn’t cave, I thought about the foundation of my heart. As a mom, life often hits at warp speed. Finding time for spiritual growth is as easy as prying a cookie from a toddler’s tight fist–goo and all.

But neglecting time with God (prayer, Bible study/reading, church) is the equivalent of my house floating on air. Eventually, my ability to stand up under life’s pressures will cave, just like the driveways up and down the street have in the past two summers of drought.

To keep my own foundation solid, my best defense is making routines. During the school year, I read my Bible and spend some time in prayer after I drop the kids off at school. On non-school days, I try to get it read before getting out of bed. However, sometimes, especially on the days when our daughter with autism decides sleeping is what other people do,  I read it as the bathtub fills, as I blow dry my hair–if I get a chance to do that. Sometimes it’s as I’m falling asleep, but that doesn’t work as well for me because my brain is often full of dust and tumbleweeds by that point.

I also talk to Jesus throughout the day while I work, thinking of him sitting in the room/car with me at all times. In the background, I listen to stations like Air1 that play music by Christian musicians and have DJ’s who speak God’s truth. I occasionally catch a podcast as I go about my routines or head to appointments. It keeps my heart focused and energizes both my body and soul. Plus, I get the added benefit of hearing my daughter repeat truths she’s picked up from the latest Toby Mac (or other bands) release.

I don’t have it to a perfect science because perfect is unattainable. But I have to stay in the fight, so to speak. If I have no foundation, how can I demonstrate God’s love to my children?

In case you are interested, here are some other Christian radio stations you might find in your area or that you can access online:

  • The Message on Sirius (A mix of contemporary Christian music.)
  • KLOVE (A variety of contemporary Christian music, but not too edgy.)
  • KCBI (Teaching from various ministries and pastors, including FamilyLife Today. Some conservative Christian music.)
  • Air1: (KLOVE’s edgier sister, called “The Positive Alternative.”)