Tonight was my son’s band concert.  You really haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed hours of elementary band, orchestra and choir music!  It was precious … long but precious.  And because I had my crew with me, it was also a little bit raucous.

We were there 45 minutes early.  I’d planned on dropping off my son and running an errand, but when we arrived the principal directed us to a parking spot.  I’m still a bit afraid of school principals, so I parked.  We all climbed out in our standard clown car style … shoes, bags, and various odds and ends falling out around us.  We always put on a show … something between vaudeville and a circus act.

Once we’d collected our paraphernalia from the car and the parking lot, we headed inside. I think loud party music should be blasting as soon as my family enters the building.  If we lived in the old west we’d be the ones who burst into the saloon and cause everyone to stop and look in wonder.  Thankfully my little posse stayed relatively quiet until … the opening prayer.

As the audience quieted and bowed their heads, my youngest daughter dropped her purse–which would’ve been no big deal if we weren’t sitting on bleachers and if it wasn’t FULL of pennies.  The noise was shocking.  It seemed to last for hours … and the principal continued praying.

We all tried to forget what we’d just heard. But oh, it didn’t end there … oh no! That’s not the way we roll … when the noise ended, my sweetie thought it’d be okay to pick up her purse which was still in the upside-down position … and still FULL of pennies.  So there was ANOTHER round of pennies pouring out … loudly.  It just seemed to go on forever.  How in the world did I not know she was carrying enough pennies to pay off the national debt?  Thankfully it didn’t seem to annoy too many.

I think most were laughing and secretly thanking God that it wasn’t their child.

That might be what I do best … make other parents feel better about life.  No matter how hard I try to be on top of things, I can’t seem to pull it off.  No matter what I do, something always happens.  It could be as little as juice spilling or as big as disrupting a concert.

It’s a gift.

It’s actually my gift to you.  No matter how often you feel like you’re a complete mess, believe me, I’m probably messier.  When you wish you could get your kids to dress like normal people, just remember my youngest is probably outside in her underwear and pj top.  When you wish your house was neater, just imagine what my house must be like when the best adjective I can think of to describe it most days is sticky.  I’m just gonna be that mom with the rambunctious kids and the stickiest house, but, you know what?  I’m okay with that – ’cause we bring the party!!

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