I have this sweet friend from church who spends $20 a week to feed her family of 6.  I can’t even tell you what I spend because it’s too embarrassing.  My friend uses coupons – lots and lots of coupons.  Last week I went to a couponing class she hosted.  She was inspiring.  I was very excited when I left.  I’m determined to decrease the millions of dollars I spend on groceries!  Unfortunately, when I sat down with all the coupons, store flyers and my notebook, I was instantly lost, but I refuse to give up!

My kids and I watched that show about super couponers.  The lady we watched bought $900 worth of groceries for under $100.  It was amazing, but she bought 50 boxes of candy and a bunch of other stuff I can’t imagine purchasing.  I have to admit even if I could buy 50 boxes of candy for $.33 each, I wouldn’t.  I have 5 children – I’m not crazy – well, not THAT crazy!

I am going to do this!  I am going to get my grocery bill down.  I just don’t know if I can wrap my brain around the whole coupon using shopper thingy.  I want to.  More than that, I want desperately to feed my family well.   Honestly, if I just took more time to plan meals that would be half the battle.

I’m inspired to use coupons which I will say wasn’t high on my list prior to attending the class. Today was my first shopping trip post class.  I went with a list and a gazillion coupons.  Unfortunately, I still spent more than $20.  I’ve got to say – it was so cool hearing that cute little beep each time my coupons went through!  I am hooked!

Tonight at a ridiculously late hour, I’m going to inventory my stuff and plan my menu!  I think if I’m smart I can probably feed my family for two weeks with what I already have.  Just need to have a plan!!  Oh, I wish I was an organized person!  I wish I was better prepared in this area.  Golly, I wish I was better prepared in every area!

I’m so thankful for my dear friend who was willing to do so much to inspire us to save money.  Maybe if I shadowed her for a day or ten, I’d grasp this whole concept.  How cool would it be if I could purchase $900 of groceries for $100?  Honestly, it has been ages since I went to a store and ONLY spent $100. I could go in for milk and spend $200.

So if you see a crazy woman at the store with her list in one hand, coupons in the other, and a slew of kids all around her – that’d be me!  Be sure to say, “Hi!”  I’ll have plenty of coupons to share.

Do you have tips and ideas to share about how you steward your family’s resources? We’d love to hear your ideas!