“No sweetheart, you cannot take a picture of it.”

Giant crocodile tears.  With great angst… “I will never see this poo-poo again!”  More loud, dramatic crying. My analytical side watches his face contort, wondering how he gets his mouth open that wide while frowning and screaming.  His face is turning red.  My face registers nothing that I’m feeling.  I’m just watching him, thinking.

A brief video plays in my head.  I see Jon David as a 50 year old man.  He’s on 60 Minutes.  They’re interviewing him because he has saved a picture of every poop since he was 5 years old.  Morley Safer, who looks 120 years old, is amazed that JD sold the pictures for over a million dollars.  “Yes” Jon David says “and I owe it all to my mother who always let me take pictures of my poop as a child.”

No.  No Lisa.  This is not going to happen.

I stand strong.

“Jon David, some things are not meant to be remembered.  Some things, you just have to flush.”

He tries a little longer, remembering how many times I’ve given in lately.  He never wants to throw anything away.  But I stand strong.

“You just have to tell it goodbye.”  “But I’ll never see it again.”  “No, you won’t, my sweet boy.  But that’s okay.  It’s waste. It’s yucky.  It’s not meant to be kept or remembered.  Just tell it good-bye.  And flush.”

With deep emotion, “Good-bye, poo-poo.  I won’t see you again until heaven.”

I’m laughing as I write this, but I held my laughter in when it was happening.  Still, three weeks later, he says that same line each time he flushes.  “Good-bye, poo-poo.  I won’t see you again until heaven.”  I’m not sure how he mixed the ideas of loved-ones waiting for us on the other side and BMs, but it makes me smile and wonder if God will have a special moment with Jon David (and maybe Morley Safer) showing him an amazing, heavenly scrapbook of saved pictures.

So here’s the take-away…

In this life, there are some things we want to hold on to.  They aren’t healthy.  They aren’t beneficial.  They stink.  We cry because we can’t bear the thought of parting with whatever it is.  But our Father says, “You can trust Me.  Go ahead, sweetheart.  Flush.”

Lisa Williams

If you recognize my name, it may be because you heard me on Christian radio somewhere, sometime over the past 21 years!  I’ve had the privilege of working in Missouri, Iowa, North Carolina, New Jersey, Florida – and then nationally from 2007 to 2011.

I left a wonderful job with wonderful people to stay home with my sons Jon David (5) and Jesse (3).  Although I would have tried to continue to work full-time and balance it with my home life, I found I didn’t have the capacity to do it all.  So after much prayer, we uprooted our family and moved to Colorado for a great ministry job for my husband, Darin.

I am a happy, stay-at-home, 40-something-year-old mother of 2 very active boys.  Life has become a sweet adventure.

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