Since becoming a mom it has always confounded me that God would use my child’s love for me, to reveal to me His love for me.  Yes, we know as parents we are called to train up our children in the way they should go and book after book tells us that their ability to understand God’s love hinges on how we express love to them.

I know this to be true, I have seen it lived out in my own children’s lives.  But, I have also experienced the truth of feeling showered with God’s love through the giggles, hands, eyes and words of my children.

A child before he is “infected” with the world delights in showering love upon others.  The greatest recipients of that love are those who join them in their world.  There is a reason a child has a favorite Aunt – she’s the one who lays on the floor and colors with her.  Most children love babysitters – because for three whole hours that babysitter, if she’s a good one, is going to spend time with your child doing things with your child.

The favored grandparents aren’t the ones who send expensive gifts, they are the ones who play kickball in the backyard, allow messy kitchens as Christmas cookies are baked, and work more puzzles than they ever cared to.

For a child love and acceptance is revealed through relationship and experiences, shockingly the same is true for the child’s parents.  Which makes it all the more telling when we analyze just what we spend the majority of our time doing.

The Bible tells us where your treasure is, there also is your heart.

If time is our most favored treasure…where do you spend your treasure?