As I worked to clean the kitchen, I caught a glimpse of a poster my eldest received at a special Girl Scout event a few weeks ago. For the 100th year celebration of Girl Scouts, Cowboy Stadium had hosted a big event, at which the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were present and signed autographs. So, in our home we have this…lovely picture filled with dozens of young, fit, perky, beautiful, scantily clad women. I hate it.

Perhaps hate is too strong a word. Maybe I should say: I dislike it and have a frequent temptation to rip it into pieces.

As I stared at it, my mind went to the upcoming holidays and the busyness they would entail, which means less work out time. Then I thought, well perhaps that is a great New Year’s resolution—to look more like that.

Fortunately, that is when sense took over. What? Why? Why do I need to look like that to think I am acceptable? It’s ridiculous. Looking superbly fit is part of their job requirement, and any job that requires me to dress like that is not one I would want. Furthermore, I believe I was falling into a trap of coveting—desiring what others have.

I took a breath and prayed for some better thinking. Weight issues are so often part of New Year’s resolutions. We live in a world obsessed with the external. But God looks at our hearts. So, instead of worrying out my waist size, how about working on the amount of waste in my heart.

I decided contentment would be a better resolution for me. Taking time to pray and thank God for all His blessings.

Have a happy and content New Year, my friends!