How do you define a home? What images come to your mind? Hot meals on a table? Decorating in that style? Stepping over a pile of laundry, dogs, and toys to crawl into bed with a good book?

Recently I left my home, and I don’t have another one in sight. I knew this would be traumatic. I’ve never relished big changes, and moving is huge. I tend to grow deep roots and, like the grass in my former flowerbeds, resist being pulled away.

This experience has made me think about what home means to me. It means rest; a place to regroup with my family. It is where I cuddle on the couch with hubby to watch TV or read to the kids. Where we say our prayers together and cuddle on lazy Saturday mornings. Home is also a place where I nurture relationships with the people in my life. My husband, my children, my children’s friends, my friends, neighbors, extended family… The list goes on.

What does one do without a home? Yes, our family has a wonderful place to stay, but I still feel lost. I ache for the company of those I left behind and I miss having a place to invite them to.

My mind keeps going to the many stories I’ve read in the Bible. God’s people often had to leave their homes and forge new ones. Back before Interstates and cars, people had to depend on the hospitality of others. Jesus sent out a group of disciples and told them to only take the clothes on their backs. We took a bit more, but maybe instead of feeling sorry for myself I should think about how those servants of Jesus felt. They didn’t even have a minivan filled with Fritos and sunscreen smears to retreat into. Nor did they have a phone that gives directions to the nearest Starbucks… They took a step in faith and watched the Lord to work through them.

So… I will take a breath and use this time to grow. I will hug my children and use this freedom from my yard to recharge for the next phase in my life. I will trust that the Lord has a plan in mind and wait for Him to take me there. (Stay tuned. Waiting will probably be my next character lesson…) In addition to the other things I am learning, I will have a new appreciation for the wandering Israelites and the believers who followed Jesus’ commands to simply go.

May the Lord bless you all on whatever journey He has given you to take.