I admit it — there are days when I just do not feel like being all “you are wonderful” to my husband. It could be because he is not being all “you are wonderful” enough to me, or I am not feeling as loved as I want to be. Maybe he’s wrapped up in something at work, or there are some issues with a kid that are pressing … blah, blah, blah. (Heavy sigh.)

Interestingly, as his wife, I am not supposed to relate to my husband based on my feelings.  Maybe being Radical and showing Crazy Love is supposed to happen right in my home every single day whether I feel like it or not. Reading great books like those can prompt one to think, “That’s it. We are moving to a remote part of the world and serving other people!” And yes, that’s a good thing for those God calls to do that.

Until God does call you to do that, I vote you start right now showing some Radical Crazy Love to those near you. If you’re married, start with your husband, regardless of what he is doing (or not doing) for you.

What does that look like? Well, you know what makes your husband feel love and respected more than anyone else, but to get you started I suggest the following:

1. Encourage him with your words and tell him you believe in him and appreciate him.

2.  Surprise him with his favorite dessert “just because” and serve it on your fine china!

3. Set aside some extra time before bed to ask him about his day, and allow him to process something with you while you give him your full attention.

4. Give him a special gift around an interest of his that will show you took time to think about and choose something just for him.

5. Allow him a special time of relaxation by giving him a nice, long back massage.