Walk into my kitchen on any given Saturday morning and you may just get whacked in the face by a pancake … by my hubby!

Years ago, Hubby started the tradition of “Flying Family Flapjacks,” and it is legendary among kids who have had the pleasure of experiencing it.

There he stands, making pancakes on our large rectangle-shaped griddle, and when he gets a batch done, he yells, “Come get ’em!” And to the squeals and delight of my kids (and the random sleepover guest), they grab a plate, run to the far end of the kitchen (they have been well-trained), and shout, “I’m ready!”

And — picture it with me — that man of mine launches a pancake across the kitchen, and my kiddos have to successfully “catch” the pancake with their plates! Usually mere seconds later, he launches a second one, and the revelry jumps up a notch … as do the groans, giggles, and high fives!

Obviously we have a five-second rule in our home; you drop it, scoop it up quickly, blow off the germs, and then eat it anyway!

Of course, I cook the majority of the meals at our home, and there is little pomp and circumstance to any of my daily offerings. I am the steady, get-it-on-the-table, let’s-enjoy-a-family-meal kinda gal.

But Hubby, if he’s going to create a meal, it’s going to be celebrated. I think that’s how the pancakes started flying through the air. He wanted to create a bit more of a “wow factor” and provide a memory of family fun in the kitchen.

This is one of the reasons I love my man — memories matter to him!

I just wish he would mop the floor for me after those misses, but who cheers for floor mopping? Nobody. Trust me, I know these things … as do you!

Still, you gotta love a man who can make kids, even teenagers, enjoy early Saturday mornings in the kitchen with Mom and Dad!