We, as moms, do so much for others that sometimes we find it difficult to ask for help ourselves when we need it. I think this mom trait is even more prominent in the lives of our single mom friends out there.

I have heard from more than one single mom that one of the biggest unmet needs she experiences is finding a strong male role model to speak into the life of her son. For many of these single moms, their son’s father is out of the picture. The question is, “Are there other men in the life of her son who could step in and help out?”

In today’s busy world when dads struggle to find enough time for their own families, I think the last thought on their minds is to reach out to a child who does not have a father in his life. That unmet need is simply not on most men’s radar screens.

What I would like to suggest to my married sisters out there is to consider whether your husband has been placed in the life of a young man to fill that roll. No doubt there is a single mom you know with a son who is longing to spend time with a man — maybe your man.

Mentoring young men has been a part of my husband’s life for several years. Currently, there is an older teenage boy who meets with him regularly by coming to his office after school. Hubby and my son have breakfast weekly with one of my son’s friends. For each of these young men, having a man who is interested and available to talk about “guy stuff” has been a real blessing. As a result, this has taught our son the importance of reaching out and making a difference in the lives of others. Iron sharpening iron.

If you and Hubby decide to reach out to a boy or young man, you should set up some boundaries. Make certain they meet in areas where others are always around. And you should reach out and befriend the single mom (if you don’t know her already). Be the one to make the phone calls to set up the times together and initiate the contact. That just makes good sense.

And let’s all learn to ask each other when we have needs — that’s what relationship and community is all about!