Have you ever seen one of those spilt milk puzzles? They are all white and full of tiny pieces that all look the same without some good magnifying glasses. Quite the challenge, especially if it gets knocked onto the floor just when you almost get it done. …

Why am I talking about puzzles when this is supposed to be about intimate marriage and sex? A complicated puzzle is a good picture of marriage. Without the box’s picture to provide guidance, one can stare at the pieces for long periods of time without making progress. A puzzle can easily be broken by careless mistakes, yet with the right guidance, a puzzle can be repaired. So, where do we find a picture to guide us in putting together a marriage?

Try a FamilyLife Weekend to Remember®. For the last several decades, the ministry of FamilyLife has been passionate about providing couples with a guide to putting together the marriage puzzle (even after it has been knocked onto the floor). Marriage is one of the most rewarding yet complicated undertakings of the human experience. Current divorce rates testify to this fact. Even if you have a good marriage, it could always be better. If you have a broken one, it is not without hope. This is what the Weekend to Remember is for: making good marriages better, mending broken ones, and pointing couples to the amazing truths God has for us to apply to this experience.

I’m sure you noticed I still haven’t gotten to the sex part. Even though I thought sex would be the easiest part of marriage, it seems to be one of the most challenging. Part of the challenge is keeping romance alive. This includes spontaneity, creativity, fulfillment, love, and growing in intimacy. Listen to conversations around you. You’d be amazed how often sex comes up. What are some ways to infuse your marriage and intimate moments with new life? FamilyLife offers a guide to keeping romance alive called Simply Romantic Nights.

How does this all go together?

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That’s right! Each of you will be revving up your intimacy with Simply Romantic Nights: License 4 Creative Intimacy. But to get this red-hot gift, you must register between January 17 and 31 and use the BOB promo code.

This is not a secret to keep to yourself. It is to be shared with all. You heard the secret first — now go spread the word!